Le discours indirect: exercice noté
Le discours indirect: exercice noté avatar

Le discours indirect : exercice 1

Compréhension : Passer ces énoncés au discours indirect. Introduire les énoncés par des verbes au simple past.

1. The grocer : “Good evening, Mrs. Dalh. How are you ?”

2. Mrs Dahl : “I’m very well, thank you. What about you ?”

3. The grocer : “Pretty good, pretty good. What can I do for you ?”

4. Mrs Dahl : “Well, I need some ham and a can of peas.”

5. The grocer : “What are you cooking for dinner tonight ?”

6. Mrs Dahl : “I don’t know yet because my husband is out on business, and I’ll eat alone.”

7. The grocer : “Your husband seems to be doing a lot of travelling.”

8. Mrs Dahl : “He certainly does, and I’m getting tired of eating dinner alone !”

Le discours indirect : exercice 2

Traduire :

1. L’épicier lui demanda si elle voulait autre chose.

2. Elle répondit qu’elle avait tout ce qu’il lui fallait dans son congélateur.

3. Mais il lui suggéra quand même une demi livre d’un excellent cheddar.

4. Elle le remercia mais lui avoua qu’elle n’aimait pas le fromage.

5. Il lui répliqua qu’elle ne savait pas ce qu’elle perdait.

Le discours indirect : exercice 3

Transformer les phrases traduites en discours direct.

1. The grocer asked her if she wanted anything else.

2. She replied/answered that she had everything she needed in her freezer.

3. But he still suggested she buy a half-pound of his excellent cheddar.

4. She thanked him but revealed that she didn’t like cheese.

5. He replied that she didn’t know what she was missing.

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