Les élèves de mes classes au collège Jean Moulin de Sète, année 2014-2015

My name is Adil.I'm twelve years old.I live in Sète.I'm a boy.I like sur ma route.My favourite song is sur ma route.My favourite band is Black M.I like football.I've got a turttle.I've got two sisters and two brothers.
I'm an English teacher (Collège jean Moulin, Sète). I try to teach English with technologies and to teach technologies through teaching English. I hope that this will help my pupils to move forward and learn.
My name is allan.I'm twelve.I live in sete.I like rap.My favorite song is SUR MA ROUTE.My favorite band is BLAK M.I like football.I've no pets.I have one brother and six sisters.
My name is amir . I live in sete . I'm a boy.I am twelve years old . My favourite song is jul . My favoutite sport is football .
hello my name is Anas I live in Sete I'm a boy I have two sisters and a brother and I am twelve years old.
my name is Aya I m twelve  i love song tal

My presentation

  • Hello , my name is Ayman ,Ouahabi I am twelve years old, I am a boy, I live in Sète, my nationality is french, I am student in Jean Moulin collège.
  • My favorite sport is foootball and my favorite  song is "sur ma route", I have  got two sisters ,I haven't got any pets in my house.
hello my name is Azzedine i am 12 you old, i live in Sete. i'm a boy, i like a song. My favorite song is ken v, i like badminton. I have one sister and one brother
hello my name is beatrice santiago. I am 12  i live in sete, i am a girl, i like rap my favorite song is jul and kendji , i like basket ball and boxing have 2 brothers
hello, my name is brice live in sete and i love football
hello my name is camelia  I live in sete i'm a girl I  like story my life my favirite band is one direction I  like natation I have got rabbit I have got two sisters my favorite couleur is pink
Hello, My name is charlotte . I'm fourteen. I live in Sète. I'm a girl. I like salsa regeton My favourite song is titi like you la  dance 've got a dog I'va got three sister one brother  
ello je mappel db-boxe sur la ps3  
HELLO! My name is david I'm 12.I live in Sete.I'm a boy.I like black pearl rebell.My favorite song is black m.I like rugby.I have got three dogs and one cat.I havn't got brother and sister
hello my nam is dionysos I' am twelve I live in sete I'am a boy I like booba my favourite song is b20 jour de pays my band favoryte is team b20 i like football i've got a rabbit i have one brother and one sister
My name is Djessy I am twelve I live Frontignan I'm girl I like gymnastics I have got on dog four rabbit and one parrot I have got two sisters  
Hello my name is dorian i am twelve i live in sete i am twelve i like raigais my favourite song is = sur ma route i like is karate I've got no animal I have brother and sister      
Hello,my name is Dounia. I ' am 13 .I live in sete.I ' m girl.I like badminton.I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.I'like
My name is elisa, I am twelve. I live in sète. I'm a girls. I like gymnastiques. I have got no pets. I have got one brother and one sister.  
Hello! 1. My name is Fadwa, 2. I am 13, 3. Il live in Sète, 4. I'm a girl 5. I like Rap,Rnb,Chansons 6. My favourite song is (Cosmofolie,Ils nous connaissent pas..) 7. No I have, 8. Il like soccer 9. I have three sisters and two brothers. GOODBYE (8)                                                               7.
Hello! My name is Hedi. I am fourteen. I live in frontignan. I’m a boy. I like  jul lacrim. My favourite song is  lacrim hayce lemsiI  like foutballe
my name is hicham .I am 16 I live in sete I'm a boy Ilike lacrim my favourite sonq is lacrim .I like football .I haven't qot no  .I have 2 brothers 1 sister.
my name is  ibtissam i am 13 i live in sete   i m   gril  i like  maitre gims  my  favorite  song is maitre gims i like tenis  i have got 2 sister 2 bother.
HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is ilyas,I'm a boy,i live in sete
hello my name is inesse i m twelve years old i live sète i m girls i favorites song is kenza farah i favorite song is collor gitano i like taecwondo i have dwo brother and one brother    
Hello ! My name is Issam . I'm fourteen. I live in Sete . I like Music . My favourite singer Is Jul lacrimeomeck . I have Two siters and no brothers . No pets . ;)
Hello m'y name is jean-louis I am 15 I live in sète I’m a boy I like caméla My favourite song is camela no puedo estar sin el I like basket-ball I have one sister : jenny and three brothers : boston, stallon, and  guerchome.
Hello my name is khalissa, I am 12. I live in sete,I am girl. I like trampoline. I have got one sister.    

My name is Lilian

I am twelve

I live in Sète

I'm a boy

I not like the music

I Havn't favourite sing and singer

My favourite sport is SkateBoarding

I have got one dog

I have got four brothers

Hello my name is logan I am twelve I live in Sète I'm a boy i like dick my favourite song is dj hamida band ac dc I like basket I've got dogs I have one brother and one sister
Hello my name is Lola ! I am 12,5 years old,i live in Sète. I'm a girl.I like boxing.My favourite song is Kendji and Jul.I've got a dog, a cat, a hamster! I have 2 Brothers.
Hello, My name is Mariam  I ' m  13 years old. I   live  in Sete .I ' m girl.I like a badminton.I have got 2 sisters  and 2 brothers.I like a chocolate and a sweets.  
hello my name is mathias. Yam fourteen..................................................................................................................................................................
mi name is mehdi i am 12 i live in sete i am boy i like musique my favorite song is jul  i like football i ve  got chien i have 2 girl 1 boy  
                   HELLO ! My name is MYRIAM I am 12 I Live in Sète I'm a girl I like " DJ HAMIDA" My favourite song is "DJ HAMIDA" Ilike " banminton" I have got cat I have got 1 sister and 2 brothers  
                                                                                      hello  my name is nacerdin. I'm tweleve. I live in sete . I'm a boy.I like rap.my favourit song is touche a rien.my band preferé is team bs.I like rugby                    
hello my name is rayan i m twelve i live in sete my favorite sport is swining
my name is  safia i   live in sete  i 'm girl    i like    modern  is   my favorite song is sherifaluna is  i like  foootball  i have got  2 two  brother   1  is one sister   .  
Hello my names is samira i am fourteen I'am girl i live in sète i like listen to music  i have one rabbit and one cat i have 3 sisters and  2 bothers
Hello my name is samuel  I live in, an apartment in Sète . I’m a boy. I like, me musique charlie hall band. I like,  new life worship.  my sport GAMEUR. I have a  rabbit. I have three sister.  
hello,my name sofian,i'm fourteen,i live in sete,i'm boy.I'm like rap and raill. My favourite song is " GNN & JUL 2013 " I'm love ( la rue ) . I'va got one brother .cheers !  


My name is sonny cosnet l am twelve.I live in sete,I m a boy.

I like frero del avega,alonzo.I like trampoline,I have got dogs.

Igot got 1 sisters.I like el surf <3 <3!!!!!

my name is stessy  I am  13 olds I live in sete  I am girl  I like a lot of things  I like handbal  I have got not pets I have got 1 sister and 2 brothers
hello , my name is Teddy . I'm twelve years old . I'm a boy . I live in Sete . My favourite sport is football . My favourite song is sur ma route . My favourite singer is Black M . I have got one brother and one sister . I haven't got pets
I am fourteen I live in sete I’m a boy I like 1995 My favourite song  is 1995 I like joute I have dog I have got 1 brother
Am  15 years I live in Sète I'm a boy I like IMAGINE-DRAGON My favourite song is RADIOACTIVE I like Video game I have 2 cats : Moka and Doudouille I have 0 sister and 0 brother.    
Hello !!!!! My name is Tom ROMERO I'm twelve years old In live in Sète  I'm a boy. I like lacrim on fait pas ça My favorites band is IAM and Nekfeu feat alpha wann I like the pool I have un brother and un sisther
Hello everybody, My name is Fred. I'm a boy. I'm fourteen. I live in Sète. . I like RnB and Rock and Roll. My favourite song is "Someone like you" by Adele.  My favourite band is Daft Punk. I love Football. I've got a cat and a dog. I have one sister and two brothers. Cheers!    
helo my name is yacin i am 12 year old . i am a boy i live in sete . i like ON FAIT PAS CA I LIKE FOOTBALL . I have  1 sister and 1 brother   GOOD BY    
93 en force
hello! my name is younes. I'm twelve ,i am a beautif.I have got thwo sister . I like football